Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blogging Makeover

Hi everyone! It's been rather a while since I posted on my blog at Aversion To Color and as I spent the hiatus walled up in my mausoleum drawing zombie bunnies while sticking far too many safety pins in anything that would stand still long enough, I was touched by a single ray of moonlight...or was that the glow from the computer screen...? And I thought to my dark little heart: Hey, I miss those internet guys.

So! With much gusto, some broken nails from digging myself out of my coffin and the sucking dry of a few innocent mortals, I have resurfaced to the blogging world!In short, I've decided to continue blogging because it's fun and I've met lots of lovely people who share some of my similar interests on this lovely world we call the Internet. However! Some changes are in order!Now that I have a little more experience, I think I can do a better job of managing my blog (I don't know if anyone noticed, but my old address had unfortunately fallen into that EndlessCycleOfMEEEE! "easy update" pattern consisting mostly of outfit posts).

 I'd really like to uphold the original purpose for beginning my blog in the first place, and that was to learn more about the black little corner of the universe that I have come to call home AKA the fabulous world of Goth. I might stockpile some of my better posts from the other address, and while aspects of my ideas there will survive through this blog, I resolve to STOP the grainy mirror photos and posts consisting entirely of "LOOKIT ALL THE SCHTUFF I GOTS" in favor of actual research, opinions with arguments behind them, and just general betterness. I may get a facebook page for all that "me" dribble, although I shall probably continue with some outfit posts from time to time (especially since today I managed to commandeer some...Sparkely...Teal...Eyeliner!!) :P Don't get me wrong, pictures will continue as I'm a very visual person and find large blocks of text boring. Just not so many pictures!

Anyhow, Velcome to my Vonderful new Vortex of Hyperspace! I noticed that I actually acquired a few new minions on my old blog during my long span of Internet silence, so hello there! As I'm assuming most people will have found this blog through my other one, I'd love it if you stayed along for the ride! It is my intent to delete my other blog once I have salvaged anything of value from its rotting remains so please switch over...


  1. Hey there! I like the new blog format, can't wait for more posts <3 But where's the Follow button lol?

    1. Sorry about that, it took me a while to figure out how to get the follower thingie back up. :P