Monday, February 10, 2014

New Tattoos!

Hello lovies!
This weekend was quite the (stereotypical) gothtastic time for me. I went thrift shopping and I got some new tattoos (in addition to sitting in my darkened living room on Tumblr long after the household had gone to sleep and watching such cliche favorites as The Lost Boys). I'm not entirely certain I stuck to my shopping resolutions of previous posts, although thanks to the fabulous ARC Thrift Store's "Sale Saturday" I did manage to stick to budget with my purchases at least. Style-wise, I have decided that more boyish looks tinged with traditional Punk flare are quite suited to me.
Something like this (minus the cigarette)
Although I do love Victorian and Lolita themed clothing and accessories, they just don't sit too well on me. Thrift-store-wise, I've realized my biggest problem is buying things just to say I bought something. This seems rather silly, but it's a drive to my nearest thrift store, and it takes a while for me to go through the racks and ponder in the dressing room, so if something fits me, I will sometimes buy it even if it isn't in keeping with the style I've made up my mind to pursue. This is a bad habit as I will usually not wear said item by the time I get it home. I shall try to think of a solution in the future...
As I continue to try turning my style into one that fits me (and stop wearing the exact same outfits I wore in high school) some sources of inspiration have been 80's Punk and Trad Goth (of course) 90's grunge, Riot Grrrl (thanks Sary for introducing me!), and even some skater/hipster style. Hopefully I'll have some history posts up soon to show you all just what I found so inspiring about these subcultures/fashion scenes! I'm also debating messing with my hair (making it shorter because its so fried.) and I still hunt for the perfect pair of ankle boots...alas I cannot afford Docs.
These. I want.
After my thrifting adventure, it was off for tattoos! It was quite the enjoyable experience at my local Ravenwood Tattoo. I'm friends with the owner/artist Lady, and my friend Raven from school came along for the ride. In short, we had a tiny explosion of gothdom for the hour and a half it took me to get tattooed what with two old school Trad goths, a shop full of gothy goodies, blaring industrial music, and, of course, tattoos. If you live in Colorado I would certainly recommend Lady at Ravenwood. She's been tattooing since the 80's and she knows her stuff! Plus, she's just awesome.
Forearm piece in progress
My very first little wrist tattoo got a touch up
Finished forearm frame.
For writing quotes, homework assignments...playing tic tac toe...
Red and white roses (for Alice in Wonderland) 
Yay for adding new art to my body! Now it's just the annoyance of aftercare and then a round of touch-ups.

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  1. Like you thrift style adventures. I also like the grunge/ trad goth look, it makes me happy to wear messy worn out clothes sometimes :)
    About your thrift bad habit, this is something I have as well, happens every 2 weeks or so, when I feel I haven´t bought stuff lately and must go out there and buy the occasional clothing item or just stupid stuff for diy that i will never make. I think the best is just to try and control yourself, or maybe even look for tips online!

  2. Great artwork! I love the idea of the "forearm frame" for notes and reminders, hehehe... Can't lose your shopping list if it's part of your arm!! ;-)

  3. The forearm frame is so unique, but too good for playing tic tac toe XD

  4. Great! I'm planning my next tattoo at this spring :D